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Over 25 Years Of Experience In Real Estate

“In this real estate market details can be decisive for success. Being a Master of Law certainly helps in this challenging market”

Pieter Verbeek

RESPA is represented by Pieter Verbeek

  • (Real Estate)
Broker/owner: Pieter Verbeek
  • Masters Degree in Law
  • Over 25 years experience in Real Estate
  • Languages: Dutch, Greek, English, German, (French)
  • Property sales in Paros, Antiparos and Naxos

Build People's Dreams

Over 30 years ago, I moved from The Netherlands to Greece to create my second home on Paros. The network that I’ve built since then, my knowledge of the Greek language (fluently speaking) and my legal background (Master in Law) will contribute to your success in finding a dream place in Greece.
With us you will feel comfortable in the Greek real estate market.


On a daily base we scout and screen properties on Paros and the surrounding Greek islands. We go into great detail to be able to answer all your questions about any property.



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Time is precious. Therefore we carefully assess what our client is looking for and where. All according and fitting to the budget the client wants to spend.


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Our Network exists of Architects, Builders, Constructors, Lawyers, Notaries, Owners, Realtors.